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is necessary
Have passed those times when = it was used only as the card of the company on the Internet. Efficiency of such sites was minimal. In the present conditions it is necessary for companies to use all the opportunities given by the Internet, on promotion of products and services, interaction with partners and clients, to studying of commodity markets.

it is obvious, that traditional static sites not always meet modern market requirements. First of all, they lose under such important factor, as simplicity and efficiency of updating of the information. Usually at addition of the new document in passing it is necessary to change already existing, with the purpose of addition of the new reference, and it is necessary to do all this manually. If the company will want to change design of a site in this case it is necessary to modify all pages. And if speech about corporate sites which can consist of more than 200 pages we already deal with very labour-consuming and serious technical problem demanding attraction significant human and financial resources. Besides for static sites the problem of interaction and a feedback with users, = is not solved: guest books, forums, lists of dispatch and many other things.

Fortunately, these and a number of other problems are solved creation of dynamic sites as they are under construction and supported under essentially other scheme and with use of other, much more flexible and perfect technologies. Dynamic sites allow to realize the most complicated strategy of presence at the Internet, to create =  the convenient environment of dialogue with clients and partners.

System Flexy.CMS is intended for construction and support of dynamic sites. Its use will allow you to change easily structure of a site, to add materials, to organize own list of newsfeed, to display on pages of a site the catalogue of production, to organize own and many other things. We shall notice, that for achievement of these purposes the expert in the field of at all is not required to you. With a problem any employee of the company owning skills on a set and editing of documents can consult, not being afraid, that its actions can affect design and functionality of a site.