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Content Management System
Flexy.CMS 1.3
Operate your site easily,
Quickly and without superfluous expenses!

Functionalities of a product:

  • support of work of multilingual sites;
  • management of the menu of a site : to change, add, delete items of the menu and an opportunity to add unlimited number of new types of the menu;
  • management of structure of a site : to copy, transfer, delete, create new sections and  = through a web-interface;
  • the visual HTML-editor pages (WYSIWYG) ; 
  • the control panel =   fast performance of typical operations directly from a public part of a site;
  • technology of a fast dynamic content ;
  • technology the dynamic information;
  • loading on =  from a local computer;
  • management of a chain of navigation ;
  • definition of keywords on pages for the subsequent targeting advertising.
  • system of registration of users of a site and realization of access to the certain pages under the password
  • distribution functional  =  the rights =  ; 
  • the mechanism of time blocking =  a public part of a site;
  • the test for conformity to technical requirements a product    access to files and modules;
System management of site Flexy.CMS has modular architecture. It means, that for a concrete site the set of modules realizing necessary is set. The modular architecture allows to add necessary on a site as required, by connection of additional modules. For current version Flexy.CMS 1.3 following modules are developed and accessible to use:
  • a news line;
  • archive of news;
  • dispatches;
  • clauses;
  • a photo gallery;
  • ;
  • interrogation;
  • archive of files;
  • system of sending of forms of a feedback;
  • answers on often set to questions (FAQ)
  • a forum;
  • the guest book;
  • to operate the advertising block;
  • references to other sites;
  • information search on a site.
the HTML-editor allows (WYSIWYG):
  • to edit the maintenance a web-page in a visual mode through a browser;
  • to format the text a web-pages, using a set of the basic tools of text editor MS Word;
  • to use  = the styles of a site certain in a file css for data ; 
  • to add in the text a web-pages of a hyperlink;
  • creation of references in view of events (transition on external =  etc.) ;  
  • to load images from a local computer and to place them on a web-page;
  • to use html-patterns of pages;
  • to edit properties of page: heading for , keywords, the author, the description and any other properties of page;
  • to edit a html-code of an internal part a web-pages, not breaking the general registration of a site.
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